• More than 600 fishing friends gathered in the southern county to rise bell Lake

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    Starting today, more than 600 fishing enthusiasts from five continents in the world will be gathered in the South County to rise lake, launched a 4 day fishing competition

    - including Chinese Shengzhong lake fishing contest Grand Prix and Shengzhong lake international elite competition

    30 thousand Mancheng osmanthus fragrance, Lake 20 country flag fluttering. Starting today, more than 600 fishing enthusiasts from five continents in the world will gather in the South County to lift the lake for a 4 day fishing competition. The competition organized by the State Sports General Administration, the Provincial Sports Bureau and the Nanchong municipal government and other units, including China Lake clock fishing Grand Prix and the clock Lake International Elite tournament two events.

    532 master for jiangtaigong cup"

    Yesterday morning, covers an area of 5 acres, is located in Shengzhong Lake China first fishing Museum officially kaimennake, more than 500 Chinese fishing fishing show the broad and profound culture. The postal department for the social issue of Shengzhong lake fishing Grand Prix covers Shengzhong lake scenery picturesque with a stamp to the world into thousands of households.

    According to the organizing committee, the Chinese Shengzhong lake fishing Grand Prix attracted a total of 133 national teams participating, 532 fishing master, in Shengzhong lake for the highest honor on behalf of the domestic fishing contest "jiangtaigong cup".

    Live interactive twenty thousand spectators cheer rain

    Yesterday evening, "fishing" party in the southern County Stadium district party, CO chaired by Qing Dong, Zhang Zequn and American Beauty Camry, twenty thousand spectators cheer. 20 Chinese players held a grand parade of fishing, and dressed with a bucket, supermodel shed, play the fisherman to be on stage. Zhang, Gan Ping, Joey Yung and other singers sing the passion. Around 9 p.m., the sky was pouring with heavy rain. "The fish is not boiling water ah, heaven rain, I wish all players to get good grades in Shengzhong lake fishing season!" Qing Dong said.

    By the "fish" campaign 10 projects will be signed

    Fishing "fishing" to huge business opportunities, Nanbu county investment negotiation activities will be held during the contest, a total investment of 10 projects is 3 billion 600 million yuan will be formally signed. Sheng Lake freshwater fish dishes competition, local commodity fairs and so on, will be "fish" campaign. It is understood that the Standing Committee of the southern county people's Congress has passed the local resolution, every year in mid September, when the fragrance of Osmanthus City fragrance, the southern county will be held in China Sheng Lake Lake fishing grand prix.

    County Party Secretary He Xiuli, the South held the power, held in Shengzhong Lake "Fishing Festival", is the best way to get rich in 100 thousand people. 80 thousand acres of lake surface will be developed into a world fishing paradise.

    Shengzhong reservoir area according to the introduction, has become a national 4A level scenic spots, Shengzhong lake has been the State Sports General Administration identified as the "national fishing competition training base", China youth team, China skiing "water skiing stunt team training base".

    Performance of new training base of national super water skiing team

    Southern osmanthus fragrance Shengzhong lake to attract attention of the world