• Southern osmanthus fragrance Shengzhong lake to attract attention of the world

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    The first city of fishing and the first garden of guangxi". In the beautiful autumn osmanthus fragrance, South County a new dress, to greet the guests from the five continents of the world. On September 16, 2011, -20, the Chinese Dragon Lake fishing Grand Prix and the Chinese Dragon Lake fishing international elite competition were held in the rain as scheduled by the two national and international events. 20 countries and regions, fishing enthusiasts in Shengzhong Lake were the "battlefield"; from more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide 133 teams compete for the highest honor "China fishing tournament cup ginger too".

    Late on September 16th, was presided over by Qing Dong, Zhang Zequn's "fishing" party in the south of the county town sports center, Zhang, Joey Yung, Gan Ping and other stars portrait concert. Fishing "fishing" to huge business opportunities, second days, the southern county held investment negotiations activities, the total investment of 3 billion 600 million yuan of 10 projects formally signed into the south. The lake fishing festival coincides with the rainfall, and foreign players enjoy the rain Shengzhong lake, eat Shengzhong Lake unique fresh lake, fishing in the rain, do not have a taste.

    South County built 600 mu Gui Garden, the county planted more than 30 thousand osmanthus tree, is worthy of the name of the Chinese osmanthus city. The annual grand prix Shengzhong lake fishing season, when the sweet scented osmanthus in full bloom, Mancheng fragrance. "Fishing" to rise bell, "admire GUI" to the south, the South has become a well-known leisure County town. Southern Shengzhong lake has been held for the three "Fishing Festival", approved by the State General Administration of sports, the event and the Qinghai Lake international road cycling race, Shandong Weifang International Kite Festival together, become the three major brands of sports and leisure projects. With the help of "Fishing Festival", the South County Shengzhong lake is to the world, in 100 thousand people to swagger, rich road.

    More than 600 fishing friends gathered in the southern county to rise bell Lake

    2011 the third China rising lake fishing culture tourism festival activity arrangement