• 2011 the third China rising lake fishing culture tourism festival activity arrangement

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    2011 the third China rising lake fishing culture tourism festival activity arrangement

    Date: 2011/8/30

    First, the name of the activity

    Wuliangchun China Shengzhong Lake International Fishing Tournament cum 2011 third Chinese Shengzhong lake fishing Grand Prix

    Two, time and place

    On September 16, 2010 to 20 in the county and Shengzhong Lake

    Three, hosted and co Organizer

    Sponsored by the State Sports General Administration, China Sport Fishing Association (chips), water resources department of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau, Sichuan Province Sports Bureau, Nanchong Municipal People's Government

    Organizer: South County People's Government

    Co organizer: Nanchong City Sports Bureau, Nanchong City Tourism Bureau, Nanchong City Reservoir Management Bureau, Yi Binzhi Yi Zhong (wuliangchun wine company), Chengdu Fishing Fishing Tackle Co., South County Credit Union, Huarun Snow Beer (Nanchong) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Beijing Sea Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd. glory Weihai Hengrui, Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd. Hangzhou tangdin Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd. and Chengdu Quanxing mineral water industry Co. Ltd., Chengdu Dali Food Co. Ltd, Nanchong Pandeng emulsion limited liability company

    , four events

    1.9 Feb 14 in Shengzhong lake fishing ponds held 2011 National Fishing Club Challenge Tournament qualifier, size: 200 - 300 athletes. At 18:30 September 14th, the 2011 National Fishing Club Challenge preliminary prize presentation ceremony was held at the water sports center of Sheng Hu lake.

    2.9 16 July 20:00 stadium in West County District held the 2011 International Fishing Tournament and the third session of the China Shengzhong lake fishing opening ceremony of grand prix.

    Held international fishing tournament in Shengzhong lake from 17 to 18, 3.9 months, the scale of the game for 20 countries and 50 athletes. At 19:00 on September 18th, the international fishing elite ceremony was held in the conch square of Sheng Hu Lake, and the special performance of the charm rising lake was held.

    4.9 11 17 10:00 to 20 10:00 in Shengzhong lake at the third Chinese Shengzhong lake fishing game Grand Prix, size: 600 athletes. In September 20th, the 2011 International Fishing elite competition and the third China Lake fishing Grand Prix were held in the conch square of Sheng Hu lake.

    , five cultural business activities

    1. "charm Shengzhong Lake" (special performances during the event held in Shengzhong Lake conch square).

    2. local special products (derivatives containing osmanthus) Fair (during the activity in the county and Shengzhong Lake scenic area held).

    3. "concept to the moon, the bounty of Guangxi, meet Festival" large public garden activities (held in September 12th in Guangxi Park).

    The second session of the 4. Shengzhong lake and local special dishes cooking contest contest (September 9th in Sports Square, pedestrian street held)

    5. Shengzhong lake fishing culture museum opening ceremony and calligraphy exhibition (mid September in Shengzhong Lake tourist reception center held).

    6. in the local friends of the Association (during the event held in the county).

    7. "Five" activities talent competition and tourism image ambassador selection (August 8th to August 25th held in the county).

    Recommendation six, highlights

    1, "Five" southern charm previews. In July 2009, the southern county committee put forward the "Five" goal of the construction of the county is relying on the regional advantages and industrial base, to build the country's fishing town, Chinese osmanthus City, West plate City, city, city of electromechanical drinks. After three years of implementation, it has been awarded the title of "national fishing city" and "China Guihua city". Greatly enhance the visibility, reputation and influence in the south, WAL-MART, new hope group, Tianjin billion and other well-known enterprises have come to invest in the construction of the southern Northeast Sichuan class business sports culture center, Southern International Hardware city. At present, the county has 10 projects invested 500 million yuan: 900 million yuan urban infrastructure construction, 1 billion 800 million yuan, ten miles sweet scented osmanthus promenade, urban park construction, 1 billion yuan to build the city's 5 major business centers, 800 million yuan to build around the city loop. "Five" Southern attraction is gradually enhanced.

    2, Shengzhong Reservoir "gorgeous turn". Built in the last century in 70s, the reservoir capacity reached 1 billion 390 million cubic meters, the water area of 56 square kilometers, the main channel of 100 kilometers long still water. Reservoir construction, resulting in a large number of fertile farmland flooded, the local people living extremely difficult. In 2006, the provincial and municipal care started the war against poverty. 3 years later, a welcome change occurred in 100 thousand people's production and life, poverty dropped from 62 thousand and 800 in 2005 to 3500, the people of the road, water, electricity, medical care, schooling, income six difficult problems have been solved. In order to promote the depth of poverty alleviation and development rises South County District Library bell, decided to 80 thousand acres of Lake based on the development of sightseeing, leisure, vacation as one of the tourism, construction of Shengzhong Lake National 5A level scenic spots, to cultivate the "Fishing Festival" of the brand. South County hired experts in tourism planning and Design Institute in the preparation of the master plan, make the image position of leisure paradise, fishing paradise resort, Chinese, experience the most beautiful village on the west "Shengzhong lake, established the" Chinese fishing tourism base, West Happy Valley, China water Chinese western water Forest Park "development the theme, to create" Chinese Shengzhong lake, fishing world city". In 2010, the southern county was named as the national fishing city by the State General Administration of sport. In January 2011, the bell lake was approved as the national 4A scenic spot. Li Zhong lake has been determined by the State General Administration of sport

    Southern osmanthus fragrance Shengzhong lake to attract attention of the world