• Ascending Lake

    Shengzhong lake is located in the southern province of Sichuan County National AAAA class tourist area Shengzhong Lake scenic area, capacity of 1 billion 339 million cubic meters, more than 8 acres of water lake vastness, beautiful scenery, green dot, clear water fish fertilizer, red tail, mouth, etc. more than 40 kinds of fish whitebait treasure, is the famous leisure paradise, experience, fishing paradise resort.

    In 2009, the southern Committee of the county and the county government determined the general direction of tourism development. Under the strong support of the State General Administration of sport, the fishing events were the breakthrough point. In just a few years, Sheng Hu Lake has been shining brightly, and has become the pioneer and practitioner of the new model of national tourism poverty alleviation.

    Fishing paradise -- Sheng Hu Lake

    In 2009, the first Chinese Shengzhong lake fishing Grand Prix kicked off here, this is the country's largest, the largest number of entries, the highest prize of fishing tournament, Shanghai great world Guinness headquarters was named the "largest fishing contest", and won the Guinness prize for the best project. In recent years, relying on the unique advantages of Shengzhong lake waters, became the only held national and world-class pond, wild fish, halleluyah fishing contest natural field, domestic and international top events staged wonderful. Each year, more than 400 teams from more than 20 countries and 33 regions of the country gathered in Shengzhong lake, the perfect interpretation of the sport fishing and the unique charm of Shengzhong lake, write a new chapter in the history of the world and Chinese fishing.

    Shengzhong lake for fishing sonomotor China, South County for Shengzhong lake and well-known in the world. The state owned sports administration of Jiangsu Province has been designated as the "fishing competition training base" by the State General Administration of sport, and the southern county was officially named as the national fishing city".

    Leisure resort -- Sheng Hu Lake

    "China rise Lake world fishing city"". Lake fishing culture festival and Shandong Weifang International Kite Festival, Qinghai bicycle race around the lake, known as "the country's top three Leisure Sports Culture Festival."".

    In recent years, Shengzhong Lake scenic area has implemented a total of more than 400 key projects, ecological parking lot, water sports center, the mermaid quay, 6 international standard fishing pond, Lake Road, 15 km of farming Museum, Chinese fishing culture museum and other dozens of large infrastructure projects have been completed, to create ten core attractions, further strengthen the supporting infrastructure construction, comprehensive regulation of scenic landscape, creating lake fishing music; development of tourist attractions, scenic spots to improve the level of hospitality, tourism and entertainment projects development. The new Shengzhong Lake organic crispy peach Festival, that rape Festival, Shengzhong black goat and kite festival tourism development project, campsites, yoga, painting the body, kite, slower traffic and other tourism products. The scenic spots of Lake Chung become the first destination for tourists to drive themselves camping, to cultivate tourism, to study tourism and to experience tourism.